Kickstart The Empire! EXTENDED EP (2019)

by Sieben

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jgthefanboy I think Kickstart has one of the best representations of what Sieben does live that I’ve heard thus far. It gives me a sense of excitement for what he may come up with in the future.
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Damián The idiot test has started and most people are not passing it. Matt is not happy about it and this gives his romantic sound a great touch of post punk. This is a bit darker than the last Sieben album, but it contains the same mixture of beauty and soft power we have been getting from Matt in the past few years. Musically, it is a step forward without a ny doubt. The "band" versions are specially mighty and refreshing.
Way To Harness
Way To Harness BAND
Who Whips BAND
Kickstart (Charlie Eades Remix)
Whips (JG Stockton Remix)
Kickstart (Dis The Poet Remix)


Kickstart The Empire! Is the glorious new Sieben EP, available in three fine Empirical FORMATS: VINYL 7”, Digital EP and THIS, the EXTENDED DIGITAL EP.

RELEASE DATE 27th June 2019

Kickstart The Empire!
Come on, let’s kick-start an Empire, you and I!
We all need a good plunder now and then.
‘Now’ is a disaster. We want to reinstate ‘then’.
People knew their place, and irony hadn’t yet been invented.


releases June 27, 2019

EP CREDITS: Written, produced, totally owned by Master Matt Howden. Recorded at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, March 2019. The Sieben band was drawn from a pool of grateful paupers. Recorded at Red Tape Studios, Sheffield, April 2019. Those lucky chosen few: Drums: Estelle Varley. Bass: Jamie Rupik. Guitar: Sean Ryan. Keys: Jake Austin. Synths: Will Sandbach. The Chanters: Jake Austin, Jonny Butler, Jamie Rupik, Sean Ryan, Will Sandbach and Estelle Varley. Band recording’s sonic foremen: Luke Lawson, Dillon Pearson and James Stockton.

Vinyl and Digital mastering machinations by Dan Worrall. Vinyl lathe-cutting-trickery by Jon Downing. ( Verily, Martin F Bedford has crafted the artwork from the finest pigments. (

P&C Redroom Records – June 2019 All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Sieben Sheffield, UK

One-man rawchestra


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Track Name: Who Whips
Who whips

Who whips this world? The twisted truth in action,
simple lies to catch them. Who whips this world?

Who whips this world? The basic snatch reaction,
our worst nature sanctioned. Who whips this world?

Who whips this world? The nasty bastard faction,
not a law to dash them. Who whips this world?

Who whips this world? Bauble greed and teeming,
rival primal dealing. Who whips this world?

Who whips this world? The I’m-alright-Jack chancer,
fuck-the-rest advancer. Who whips this world?

The world will fall to bits.
The world is going to shit.
We just stand and watch it happen.
Track Name: Kickstart BAND
Kickstart The Empire

Give me new old days.
Those heady, Summer old ways.
Gilded history and gold rays.
People knew their place.

Come on, let’s do The Idiot Test...

Kickstart the Empire!
Come on all you good people out there.
Kickstart the Empire!
What’s wrong with all you damn people down there?

Heave those mighty oars!
We can row this land to brave new shores.
Heave those mighty oars!
We can make ‘then’ now great again.
Kickstart the Empire!
We all need a good plunder now and then.
Kickstart the Empire!
Free the chains of reality.

Kickstart the Empire!

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