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by Sieben

We’re All Fucked, Kev ME: How you doing, Kev? KEV: I am a five-string Kevlar violin with looping capabilities and sentience… Alright, really. ME: Fair enough. Kev, you’ve really made this new Sieben album sound so much better, much heavier, so much better punch to those beats. KEV: I am a five-string Kevlar violin with looping capabilities and sentience. ME: Sentience is over-rated, in the year 2020. Shame the world is about to be destroyed, though. KEV: For your kind. ME: Violinists? KEV: Humanity. ME: Who’s going to play you? KEV: I hadn’t thought of that. Shame you’re all about to destroy the world. ME: What this record needs now, no, what the world needs right now is a crazy synth solo! KEV: Maciek time! MATT: We’re all fucked. What do you think, Kev? KEV: Kev! ME: We’re all fucked. KEV: Kev! MATT: It does cheer up as it goes along, this record. KEV: No it doesn’t.
Enzosonbenzos Enzosonbenzos, our small-town Italian boy, off his head. All-out broke, out of hope in Poor Town, England. Enzosonbenzos, or the world turned inside down and out? Milk-turned-sour happy-hour in downtown Moor Town. Enzosonbenzos, who only wants what none here have? Bleak horizons beached in sunk-down Port Town. Enzosonbenzos, or a new nastiness hit the streets? Milk-turned-sour happy-hour. Milk-turned-sour happy-hour. Enzosonbenzos, our small-town Italian boy has scrawled “send them back” on Poor Town wall.
Reckoning Beckoning My final currency of poor exchange. My balance or my stance. My actions or reticence? Ignorance to compensate? Or a refund for the wise? Intolerance to gravitate? Or hate blind be drawn in kind? In the end, with darkness won, close the day, set the sun. Contract accounts and draw the pay, to settle the scores all weights are weighed. Or settle nothing and render terms subtractions that are left to worms?
Death Tape Updated For 2020 How very much I’ve loved you, how very much I’ve tried. The just and reasonable demands of righteous people. Someone’s gonna shot the pilot. I didn’t plan it, but I know it’s going to happen. Their victories have not been yours, their triumphs not your triumphs. If you knew what was ahead of you. Let’s make a beautiful day. Revolutionary; suicide, all is lost. The likes of which the world has never seen before. Lay down your life with dignity; don’t lay down with tears. Their pain is our pain, their dreams are our dreams. Now arrives the hour of action.
Shirt Of The Apocalypse Since no-one seems to pay attention, I thought a shirt a neat invention to let you know its end-of-times. The apocalypse is now streaming live. Tried invoking wise words of the Dali Lama, threatening Gaia and the worst of karma, maps and facts, hard-hitting drama. Spoke truth to power on cold street corners to no avail. When we burn - as we drown. Generational pain, even the brainwashing can't shift the stain. Pass the parcel of blame, again and again and again and again. There's a hole in our hearts, deafened by silence, blinded by the dark so we try to escape, and run into the arms of that which we're afraid. But it’s not the end of the world if we wipe our dumb selves out of this infinity. Universe is fine, and my life's not mine, the truth is it was only ever a lease.
Berylsinperil The elderly have taken control of the old folk’s home. Berylsinperil. The new elite plan to crank up the heat, as there’s no tomorrow. Berylsinperil. This crusted gem, this sceptred nan, fetid air and mouldering flan. Berylsinperil. Faith and hope the new logic here. Grab a blanket, grab a beer. Berylsinperil.
Vision 04:01
Vision And so here it begins. The end of us. A winter to come, to flood with a burning sun. Furnaced in endless war, our churn and draw of always more. System pressure of an imploding star. You saw the end of time but will be mute. I saw a thorn line of blasted trees top the faceless wasteland. I saw my home. The Darkness You Have Drawn Voted it now eat it. You don’t know what you’ve done, the darkness you have drawn has just begun. You don’t know what you’ve done, or the dark path we’re on. The darkness you have drawn has just begun. Buckle up. Strap in.
The Darkness You Have Drawn Voted it now eat it. You don’t know what you’ve done, the darkness you have drawn has just begun. You don’t know what you’ve done, or the dark path we’re on. The darkness you have drawn has just begun. Buckle up. Strap in.
You, My Cult Of Blight He speaks through me, oh, Cult of Blight. To believe, you are right, you are chosen. I speak for Him, my Cult of Blight. In this chosen land lies deceive us, demean us. I speak as Him, we Cult of Blight. Our enemies vast, hate our kind, they will frame us, and raise me. Time for war. Time to fight. I am God. You my Cult of Blight. Now is the hour. Take a leap of faith. For Promised Lands, for a better life, for purity in everlasting fire.
Come And Ride In The Cult Of Light KEV: I don’t think they called you a cult. ME: Shut up, Kev! It was something like that… Come and ride in the Cult of Light. Look, I’m no airy visionary, no twisted-truth Koresh, not vaguely Nostradamic, anyone with eyes to see can see the world’s a total fucking mess. So, come, let’s ride, stare the cult conviction. Dance of Death ray disco, gawp at the light ‘til we see End Of Times as Science Fiction. Bile drips from the Daily Vent, governments for wholesale now, not just rent. Greed slop-feeds the tight-lipped, troughing, complicit, as the earth is stripped. New Armageddon-breed plastic dictators , the world forgot so soon. Light, take us! Sun Divine, wipe us out - and start again. KEV: I knew you’d say Armageddon, eventually. ME: Helpful. Thanks, Kev.


A vision of what the world will be like, though I hadn't planned it in real-time initially.


released May 1, 2020


Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, Jan and Feb 2020. P & C Redroom Records 2020

Synth by Maciek Frett on We’re All Fucked, Kev.
Extra vocals, lyrics and melody on Shirt Of The Apocalypse by Conor Nutt conornutt.bandcamp.com
Extra vocals on Vision by Rachel E.
Both Conor and Rachel are members of the wonderful Winston Macabre:
Extra vocals on The Darkness You Have Drawn by Jonny Butler. Synths and drum machines on Come And Ride In The Cult Of Light by Michael Eden. Thanks to Conor for taking a last listen with me, to Jo for long-suffering constant listening from afar, and to Nick Morgan at The Yard antiques, for the Die Lieben Sieben musicbox. And to Bridge Violins, Kev-creators:
Mastered by Dan Worrall
Photography by Mal Whichelow.
Artwork by Martin F Bedford www.martinfbedford.com


all rights reserved



Sieben Sheffield, UK

Providing the soundtrack to your apocalypse experience.

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